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Haas Brothers Wholesale Groceries Established

The family-owned grocery enterprise and merchant of notions and elixirs traveled far and wide to seek quality spirits. Gold was struck with the discovery of Cyrus Noble Bourbon Whiskey which soon became the most sought-after Kentucky Whiskey in the West.

Haas Brothers Thrives as Purveyor to Miners and Settlers

Haas Brothers’ reputation for quality goods and honest commerce grows among newly-arrived settlers in the West, and the company becomes a hallmark of San Francisco’s boomtown landscape.

1851 Haas Brothers Wholesale Groceries Established

The Cyrus Noble Recipe Created

In 1871, a new world-class whiskey is created to honor prosperous spirits distiller, Cyrus Noble.

Cyrus Noble Bourbon Strikes Gold

Cyrus Noble’s smooth whisky recipe achieves critical acclaim, weaving its way into miner’s saloons, as well as San Francisco’s up-scale homes and bars.

The Admiral’s Toast

Commodore George Dewey was informed of his promotion to Admiral of the U.S. Navy. To celebrate, “He then reached for a bottle of Cyrus Noble, a sour mash bourbon, filled two glasses…” and with his friend drank a toast.

Cyrus Noble Gold Rush Miner

Cyrus Noble Traded for a Mine Claim

Searchlight, Nevada – A prospector named John Coleman walked into a roaring mining camp. Like many prospectors, he was looking to trade a claim for anything else he could find useful. In this case, he traded a claim for one bottle of Cyrus Noble Whiskey, the “best bourbon in town.” The claim was developed into a rich mine, called the Cyrus Noble Mine, and yielded over $250,000 in gold.

Haas Brothers Moves to a New Building

Quickly recovering from San Francisco’s devastating earthquake of 1906, Haas Brothers commissions the constriction of one of the city’s┬ámost┬áprominent buildings, at the corner of Davis and California streets, and shows the world that San Francisco is triumphantly back in business.

Craft Distilled

160 years after its Gold Rush launch, Cyrus Noble is still craft distilled in Kentucky.